Saturday, December 29, 2012

It is so cold in Georgia. The wind is blowing so hard outside and as I look out the windows the tree limbs are rocking away. I have some large trees in front and back. We did not have much cold weather last year. As I look at TV and see all the snow north of here it makes me think I am glad I do not live there. My friend's family is in Boston and are supposed to come home next week. The children are out of school for another week. We are beginning a New Year in a few days. I hope it brings peace to the world. There are so many conflicts in the world at this time, and I would like for everyone to have peace and joy. I have been so lucky to have a wonderful and loving family to support me. My friends are the greatest. To be able to laugh and have a great time is a thing that many people in the world does not have. To all the people who are viewing my blog, I wish you a Happy New Year and great wishes for the year 2013.

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