Sunday, November 25, 2012

In a few short days I am to share with you pictures of the things in my house I have made. I have always made things for my house and daughters homes. Also I will be sharing recipes I have loved over the years. There are so many things I would love to you as each day goes by. Faye
Look at the beautiful door in this barn. It seems to be in use. I love the old wagon wheels surrounding the door and the flowers that are blooming.
I have always been told that hanging a horseshoe upside down would bring luck. The farmer that hung the horseshoe probably was thinking the same thing.
This barn has been painted red over the years. I love the window with the hay. The hay seems to say I want out.
The color of this barn I love.The bicycle ...........I wonder if this barn is used today?
This barn is so small. What was put in this barn?
As I look at this barn I see the doors that have an X in each panel. I wonder if they are made that way for a reason?
It is amazing to see the roofs on some of these barnes. I know in some parts of the country barns are sloped where snow will not build up and cause the top to cave in. This barn looks like it is in a mountain range.
This barn is built of rocks. I wonder if someone lived in the top part of it? It seems to have a double doors at the top.
I have often wondered why so many barns are painted red. My grandfather's barn was never painted. I loved going into the barn with him to milk the cows. Yes, I could milk a cow.
This barn seems to be sitting out in a field in the middle of nowhere.  
As stated before I love old trucks, barns and windows. As I searched I found this barn door with a wreath placed on one of the doors.