Thursday, December 13, 2012

This is a tree I have in front of my big window. The colors are mostly gold and bronze. 
This is my biggest Christmas Tree. All the ornaments on the tree I made this year. Since I could not find my original ones, I used these. The photographs are my grandchildren. Their pictures always go on my tree.
These Chili Pepper lights are hanging on my kitchen  window. For years I had Chili Pepper lights that were given to me by a friend in Arizona. Have always used them on a special tree. This year I went to get my Christmas decorations and could not find any of them. Still have not found them. I happen to be at Lowe's one day and behold there were Chili Pepper lights in my sight. I bought them immediately and put them up where I could see them all the time. Love my Chili Pepper lights.
This is one of my favorite ornaments. I lived in Arizona for many years and loved the west. Always  looking looking for objects that represented the west. This ornament remains on my Queen Anne chest all the time. Sometimes it gets turned around, but soon it is put back in the direction it should be.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Little christmas girls taking a stroll in the snow.
How about some reinder cookies?These are so cute

These look delicious setting in the prezel.
A Christmas ornament with a white tree and glitter inside. Have made several of these using green trees or bleaching trees white.
red balls and gold ribbon. I love these two colors together.
Another beautiful ornament found on free sight

Beautiful christmas ornament found on a copyright free sight. Love the color 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Another beautiful picture from "The Feathered Nest".

This is a beautiful Christmas picture from "The Feathered Nest"

Sunday, December 9, 2012

This ornament was made with folded paper in shape of a circle. I added another circle on top that was created with my Cricut machine. I love the Cricut. It can do so much. On top of the black and white circle I added a christmas sticker. At the top of the ornament I punched a small opening and added a cord to hang on the tree.
I am always trying new things. Below the green chevron ornament, there is a container painted gold with white sheer ribbon surrounding it. This is a fried onion container which had the label removed. The ribbon was glued around the can. As you can see the ribbon had flowers. It was part of the ribbon. I added  more white flowers around the can. In the opening, I added twigs and pieces of paper to make it stand out.
This ornament was created from green chevron paper and the Martha Stewart edge punch. It has it's on nest in the tree.

I took white cardstock that had been shaped in this design. Used alcohol inks to get the color, added glitter, christmas stickers and a ribbon at top to hang on tree.
This is something different I decided to do. It is a cross that I covered with toile paper, added paper that I had cut out with the new Martha Stewart edge puncher. Added wings from BigKick and a bow made from burlap ribbon. The final thing I added was a Jilibean Soup bean blossom in beige and brown.